CoReF represents Compare and Replace

CoReF has been specifically designed for owners of Yamaha keyboards with registration management.

CoReF resolves the missing linkfunction in the ambit of registrations,
brings extensive analyzes and allows many file manipulation

With COREF you collect any registryfiles in a folder alphabetically arranged,
replace already existing registrations with the newer file

Then it does not matter in which folder you change a registration, COREF finds the newest registration and updates all files of the same name.

  Visit this site again, and so you always get the latest version of COREF

    CoReF was been extented.  

  Now you can manage Songs, Styles and Multi Pads too.


Download   CoReF  (12.Mar.2017)

Download   CoReF Users Guide  (04.Jul.2016)

system requirement:

Windows ab Vers. 7.0

.NET Framework 4.5    Download

.NET Framework is installed on most PCs